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Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.
Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco and surrounding areas.

We clean the sofa in 2 hours

Removing stains and odors

We work with eco products

We work on-site 24/7


Azur SofaClean is your faithful partner in the world of high-quality dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. We promptly provide our services in prestigious cities such as Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, and their surroundings. Our experienced specialists guarantee exceptional cleanliness and freshness in every corner of your interior. Modern technologies, many years of experience and a personal approach – choose Azur SofaClean to maintain the impeccable condition of your furniture and carpets.

our areas of responsibility


Cleaning Sofas and Armchairs:

Professional cleaning of a sofa is not only about removing stains, but also about returning it to its original freshness. We use advanced technologies to make your sofa once again the center of comfort.

Odor Removal:

Unpleasant odors become a thing of the past with our odor removal services. Your upholstered furniture will not only be clean, but also fresh.


Carpet Cleaning:

Cleaning your carpet just got easier! Our experts use customized methods to restore your carpet to its original appearance and color.



Why clients choose us

Exceptional Cleaning Technologies

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology in our upholstery cleaning process. Our approach uses innovative techniques to effectively remove stains, dust and odors without harming your furniture.

Deep Penetration and Cleansing

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology in our upholstery cleaning process. Our approach uses innovative techniques to effectively remove stains, dust, and odors without harming your furniture.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We adhere to environmentally friendly practices. All the products we use are safe for the environment and your health, which makes cleaning with Azur SofaClean completely safe and ethical.

Individual Approach to Materials

Each material requires special attention. We consider the type of fabric, color, and texture of the furniture, developing customized cleaning methods to ensure safety and the best results.

24/7 Operation

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer services around the clock. Depending on when it is convenient for you, Azur SofaClean is ready to provide high-quality cleaning of upholstered furniture at a time convenient for you.

Fighting Allergens

Azur SofaClean dry cleaning effectively removes dust, germs, and allergens, creating a fresh and healthy environment in your home.

Our prices *

* The final cost of the work depends on:
– the size of the product, its complexity;
– type of upholstery material;
– degree of pollution and remoteness of the location of the object

2-seater sofa

From 70 euro

3 seater sofa

From 100 euro

Standard corner sofa

From 120 euro

Large corner sofa

From 150 euro

Sofa sleeper

From 60 euro

Kitchen sofa

From 80 euro

Soft chair

From 60 euro


From 25 euro

Regular chair

From 35 euro

Pillow (small)

From 5 euro

Pillow (medium)

From 10 euro

Pillow (large)

From 15 euro


From 40 euro

Mattress (width 100 cm)

From 70 euro

Mattress (width 140 cm)

From 90 euro

Mattress (width 180 cm)

From 100 euro

Types of Drying: Express – Drying – 25% and until Complete drying – 50% of the cost of dry cleaning.


Carpets and carpets – from 25 euros (m2)

Furniture of complex shape (carriage coupler, baroque, etc.) – is calculated individually.

Cleaning of natural products + 50% of the cost of work (including drying)

Cleaning of leather products + 40% of the cost of work

Stages of professional dry cleaning

from “Azur-SofaClean”

dry cleaning

At this stage, we will determine the type of fabric and the nature of the soil in order to select the necessary, safe, cleaning products. Then dry cleaning of sofas at home involves the removal of dry contaminants: sand , dust, hair, wool and other foreign elements.

Applying funds

Soaking and treatment of furniture with specially selected detergent compositions.

Main cleaning

Removal of basic dirt, thorough cleaning of the inner layers of furniture (filler). Difficult stains are removed with upholstery-safe stain removers. We eliminate unpleasant odors with effective neutralizing agents.


To clean the sofa and furniture really effectively, it is necessary to rinse the treated surfaces with a special conditioner and thoroughly wash the remnants of detergents from the furniture.


We remove moisture from the upholstery or pile. Maximum moisture removal – up to 89%. Cleaning time for a standard 3-seater sofa ~ 40 min, corner sofa ~ 1 hour.

we use only environmentally friendly products

At Azur SofaClean we are proud to work with leading brands in the professional upholstery cleaning industry. Our company confidently maintains high-quality standards, providing services based on advanced technologies and reliable partnerships.


We are proud to work with Prochem, a recognized leader in the production of professional cleaning products and equipment. This brand is the standard of excellence in the cleaning industry and its products maintain our high standards of cleanliness.


Our partnership with CHEMSpec opens up a world of cleaning innovation. CHEMSpec gives us access to cutting-edge technology and solutions, delivering outstanding results in cleaning and caring for upholstered furniture.

Examples of our work

Before and after

Customer Reviews

Thank you very much, everything is great. I ordered a mattress and sofa cleaning, a specialist arrived, did everything quickly and efficiently. In addition, recommendations were given for further use. I am very grateful!
Everything is fine! The specialist came, did everything quickly and very well. Thank you very much! Now my sofa is like new!
Contacted Azur-SofaClean to clean 3 sofas from old stains and cat surprises. The experts arrived, they were amazing! They cleaned our sofas very carefully, thoroughly and quickly. They informed us in advance of their arrival and gave us care instructions. Thank you guys and thank you for your company!


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